Ginger Roll: 3D Platformer

Ginger Roll, Mobile Game, iOS, Android, Platformer, Arcade

Ginger Roll is a 3D platformer game developed by IRF Media, a game developer from the United Kingdom. The game is available on Google Play, the Apple App store and Amazon. In-app purchases are available and start from £1.79.

Play as Sarif as you roll and doge your way through the stages of each world. The game is interactive as it has you tilt your phone to roll forward, backwards, left or right to stay on the platform. Each level comes with a time limit.

Throughout Ginger Roll, players can collect power-ups, coins, hearts, and cookies. As levels are completed, players can share their accomplishments through the social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Ginger Roll, Mobile Game, iOS, Android, Platformer, Arcade

There are four worlds to play through in Ginger Roll. The first world is unlocked and once you beat it, you can move on to the next world and the next. There are over 50 levels between them. With each level, the difficulty and complexity increases which makes the game interesting, delivering something new each time without getting redundant.

Gameplay in Ginger Roll is accompanied by upbeat music. Although, the music doesn’t change from title screen to the actual gameplay. It is consistent. There are some sound effects added which are notable when you fall off the platform or manage to collect some of the goodies along the way.

The graphics are simplistic in nature but then again, Ginger Roll doesn’t call for fantastic graphics. There are also some notable glitches where, for a moment, you are unable to move forward. The music can get a bit tiring but there’s the option of turning the volume down.

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