By Ben Woolf / November 21, 2016

ANDi’s Guide to Mobile Gaming

(for Beginners)

Gaming is a gateway to software, design, creativity, interaction, ideas. It can even create cultures and friendships, as well as general entertainment or brain busting tests. So where exactly did mobile gaming come from? And what do the figures look like?

So, where did Mobile Gaming come from?

The earliest known mobile game was a Tetris variant, which was released on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile phone back in 1994. Not long afterwards came the very successful Snake, released back in 1997 on Nokia devices. As I’m sure you’re aware, Snake came preinstalled on most of the Nokia range, which led to it becoming one of the most played video games ever. It’s found on more than 350 million devices worldwide.

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Today, mobile games are usually downloaded from app stores, like the Google Play store for Android devices or the Apple App store for iOS mobile phones. Back in April, NewsZoo released their Global Games Market Report. It showed that gamers worldwide will generate a total of $99.6 billion in revenues in 2016, which is up 8.5% compared to 2015. For the first time, mobile gaming will take a larger share than PC, with $36.9 billion (up 21.3% globally.) Mobile games have become big business, and could soon be catching up with console revenues, especially considering the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) accessories.

Mobile Gaming in the UK

In the UK, Mobile Gaming was valued at £664m in 2015, with over 16m people playing on their smartphones and tablets. We also boast the highest employment of Mobile Games developers in Europe.

This is exciting because the market is open for Indie Developers to create virtually anything, using software platforms such as Unity. This will lead to a rise in Mobile gaming start-ups, however the entry risks are high as are the investment risks. With increasing interest, games Hubs have started helping indie developers and university students by providing mentorship, events, programs, and the ability to collaborate with businesses or influencers.

Here are some games Hubs who are making moves; London Playhubs, The Bristol games hub, Rizing Games in Cambridge, BVGS in Bath, and The Eastern Enterprise hub in Essex.

For more information about the UK gaming market you can also visit UKie, the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment, who are a non-profit network that supports the games industry.


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If you want to see more games, from notable Mobile Gaming companies in the UK, then check out our Top 20 Mobile Games, picked by the ANDi team.

Do you play mobile games?

In 2016 over 2 million games were made available to play on the iOS and Play store, with tens of thousands game replicas, and thousands of games developed each month to serve over 500 million active players.

Games are undoubtedly fun, and whether you’re addicted to one, or play several games, we can all take advantage of the Freemium model. But how easy is it to find a game in under 10 minutes? How many games do you play more than 3 times before deleting? And how do you choose?

At ANDi we hope to welcome the future of mobile gaming by becoming a part of it. We’re looking forward to introducing a wave of innovative products, so keep an eye out for those over the next year or two.

ANDi aims to be your personal gaming assistant, making recommendations through our machine learning platform. You can download the ANDi Beta App from the Google Play store below. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Updates available December of 2016.

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