Twin sisters give birth to daughters at the same time – first case in 45 years

The twin sisters gave birth to two separate babies at the same time on their birthdays at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in the United States. This day was special. The two sisters are named Autumn Shaw and Amber Tremotena. Their daughters are named Charleston and Blackley. The hospital posted the good news on Facebook, saying, “Today our happiness has doubled. Is the most special day of the week. Both twin sisters gave birth to daughters. Congratulations to both families. ‘

His delivery Dr. George Vick did. Autom and Amber said we both planned a pregnancy together. We thought we would give birth in one month but never thought we would give birth at the same time. Both the sisters are happy that their daughters are born on their birthdays. Dr. “This is the first time I’ve seen this in my 45-year career,” said George Wick. This is amazing for me. The other doctor was also very happy to see this delivery.