ANDi Games Ltd is on the map

Since we started ANDi Games Ltd, one of our (many) key focuses has been developing and cultivating relationships within the UK Games industry. From working with Games Hubs up and down the country, to reaching out to indie developers (see our call to Indie Developers), accessory manufacturers (Freefly VR / Proteus VR Labs) and publishers. We’ve attended some of the UK’s (and Europe’s) biggest conferences and events in our first year, with more to come in 2017 – including Pocket Gamer Connects later this month in London.

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Built by Ukie and Nesta, the UK Games Map is the first interactive, real-time map of the UK games industry. It is the most complete data-set of the geography of the UK games sector ever built, charting the size, scale, and growth of the UK games industry. The tool has been used since its creation by industry veterans, start-ups, investors, journalists, academics, and policy makers. Games developers, publishers and service providers own their data, updated in real-time using an automated big data approach. And now ANDi Games Ltd is listed.

You can learn more about the UK Games Map here.

Don’t forget to download ANDi, our Machine Learning A.I platform built specifically for the mobile gamers;

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As always, we thank everyone that has supported us to date and look forward to working with you all in the future.

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Kristian Wingfield-Bennett

Kris is the Lead Marketer at ANDi Games Ltd. Learn more about Kris and the work he does by visiting