VR Theme Park Rides

This week we asked ScottishGeeks to take a look at VR Theme Park Rides from EnsenaSoft Games available now on Steam. We were hoping for a thrilling experience, all in beautiful virtual reality. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

VR Theme Park Rides

VR Theme Park Rides sounds like a fun idea right? I’m afraid not, this VR experience is a mess, with unusable controls, sub standard graphics, awful sound cues and of course you have to restart the game to leave a ride and choose another. Why this game was released in the state it is in and why they have the audacity to charge anyone for it is a mystery to me. Don’t believe me? watch the video for my first hand experience at this mess of a VR title.

Oh dear… we have a feeling Derek didn’t get on with this one at all. Here’s his review! 

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