ANDi’s 90 Day Challenge

Ben Woolf, CEO of ANDi Games Ltd is taking part in a 90 day challenge to discover the very best and worst that mobile gaming has to offer. Every day, for 90 days straight, Ben will play a new mobile game and write a small review covering his thoughts. These reviews are short, sharp and to the point.

Over the next 90 days, Ben will be play some the most well known mobile games from giants like Supercell and King. As well as diving into the world of indie games, and exploring some of the world’s best independent talent. Keep checking back each day, and don’t forget to follow ANDi across social media for regular updates.

Day 1: The Trail

In The Trail, you play as a scruffy looking traveller, following a pre-defined path, making and selling items with hope to build an empire! Just my kind of game! The design is super clean and provides an enriching outdoorsy experience while playing with equally beautiful and accommodating music. The controls are very easy and it was no surprise that the story is very simple and unchallenging, however, it unfolds nicely, gradually as you continue to play which leaves me wondering how my adventure will progress and what my empire looks like.

Download The Trail:

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Kristian Wingfield-Bennett

Kris is the Lead Marketer at ANDi Games Ltd. Learn more about Kris and the work he does by visiting