Clay Hunt Pro:  Click Click Boom!

Clay Hunt Pro?  Why would I want to try that game?  At least, that was my first thought and then I tried it.  Now it has become my go to game when I have five or ten minutes to kill while I wait for the bus or for my sandwich at the deli.  Tap Titans use to hold that place but no more!

Clay Hunt Pro is not a game that is going to come across many gamers’ radars and that’s too bad because it is a polished gaming gem.  Playing the game is a big trip down nostalgia lane as it reminds me a lot of Duck Hunt on the Nintendo NES.  That may be one of the reasons I like it.  However, much like Duck Hunt of old, I don’t play Clay Hunt Pro for extended periods.  It is played at five to ten minute intervals.  Which, it is perfect for.  I think any longer and I would start to get bored.

The setup is very simple and intuitive.  Despite that the game has an actual purposeful tutorial where you learn the basics of moving your shotgun around blasting things.  Once you’ve completed the tutorial you can start playing several game types.  The three types are Trap, Skeet and Arcade Hall.  Trap and Skeet are simple games of shoot the clay discs as they fly through the air.  Arcade Hall, however, allows you to either shoot pop up targets or pigeons.

The mechanics of the game are easy to learn but take time to get skillful.  A pretty steady diet of Destiny and Overwatch has spoiled me when it comes to shooters.  When I first played Clay Hunt Pro I struggled to learn proper leading and sighting techniques.  Instead of easy to see reticles and red dots all you get is a small bump at the end of the shotgun.  You don’t have extra rounds on the Trap shooting and only one extra on the Skeet.  So, you can’t use multiple shots to help you sight in on your target.

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