Day 56 – Guns’n’Glory

Guns’n’Glory is from an award winning developer; Handy Games, but I’m going to be brutally honest, this game is full of ads – a huge banner advert resides at the bottom of the screen and there are adverts running throughout the game. It is worth mentioning, that there is a Guns’n’Glory Premium edition you can purchase for around £2.50, however with that said, even the premium version contains in-app purchases. We appreciate developers need to make money, but with Guns’n’Glory, we can’t help but feel they are a little greedy. 

All the adverts actually made the game incredibly difficult to play. The title itself is a Tower Defence style game set in the Wild West with Cowboys vs Indians. Compared to other Tower Defence style games, Guns’n’Glory does make an effort to expand on the gameplay mechanics. But of course, because the game is literally rammed with adverts I had difficulties being to upgrade my characters and items before I witness another add… followed by another advert. And so on. 

I understand that free versions of games are there to provide a taster of the premium game on offer. But with Guns’n’Glory, there are just too many adverts and it ultimately ends up a advertising page with very little of the game itself to explore. I’d have rather a totally free game, no adverts and maybe just the first 3-4 levels unlocked. If you enjoy the game, you can then pay the extra to unlock the rest. The method employed here by Handy Games has put me off playing further and I’ve removed the game. It’s a shame. 

Download Guns’n’Glory

[appbox googleplay com.hg.gunsandgloryfree]

[appbox appstore 385726463]

Premium Versions:

[appbox googleplay com.hg.gunsandglory]

[appbox appstore 385902072]

Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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