Day 58 – Troll Face Quest Unlucky

Troll Face Quest Unlucky feeds my riddle game addiction. The sense of humour and characters may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed the games theme and style. Do you question games with happy endings? Do you think there’s nothing more hilarious than a stupid accident or a prank gone wrong? Good. Because this is an adventure in top-notch trolling. 

However, I did struggle with the challenges, and found the game wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. The riddles and challenges were overly confusing and initially I could only imagine they appeal to a niche audience. However I then noticed that Troll Face has a collection of games out on both iOS and Android, each with over 10,000,000 downloads. I saw quickly however, that user reviews matched my initial thoughts. The jokes and style were fine but in the midst of no context, I found it harder to enjoy the mood and play of the game.

Overall, it’s a hearted game that doesn’t take itself seriously. Give it a go and let loose to enjoy the gags and giggles. Let me know what you think. 

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky:

Troll Face Quest Unlucky
Troll Face Quest Unlucky
Developer: Spil Games
Price: Free+

Troll Face Quest Unlucky
Troll Face Quest Unlucky
Developer: SPIL GAMES
Price: Free+

Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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