Day 66 – MARVEL Contest of Champions

Welcome to the contest! Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands in MARVEL Contest of Champions. With many similarities to the Transformers fighting game I reviewed previously, I thought that this game would be old news to me. Boy was I wrong.

Considering that both games were made by Kabam, I am startled by the sheer difference in quality between the two. This game makes Transformers: Forged to Fight look ancient and poor. The mechanics are effectively the same between the two games, with taps and swipes enabling dashes, hits, blocks and dodges.

The graphics are brilliant, with each fight displaying a different setting from Marvel lore, instantly recognisable for fans. Contest of Champions sets a new standard in mobile for design. Along with each character comes a number of alternate costumes, all of which must be worked for to obtain, and each provides a new slice of personality for the heroes. There is so much here for me and other players to do, with every level ending with ‘% Explored’, encouraging people to replay fights and get better rewards.

Along with the story mode also comes an event mode, and like Avengers Academy, this month’s event was around the theme of Spider-Man: Homecoming. These events are fun to play through and provide a break from the main story, as well as letting you level up your characters still.

Overall, I would say this is one of the best mobile fighting games, especially for fans of superheroes.

Download MARVEL Contest of Champions:

[appbox googleplay com.kabam.marvelbattle]

[appbox appstore 896112560]

Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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