Day 75 – LEGO Ninjago Skybound

The evil Djinn Nadakhan is stealing parts of Ninjago Island to rebuild his realm of Djinjago in the sky. Playing as Jay; in LEGO Ninjago Skybound, you must battle him and his gang of SKY PIRATES to rescue Zane, Nya, Lloyd, Cole and Kai to take back the stolen lands and rebuild Ninjago. Outnumbered and behind enemy lines you must decide your Ninja style. Stealth or fight – the decision is yours!

After a popular TV series and an upcoming feature film, surely a mobile game is the next step into greatness for the Ninjago franchise; especially as it is a show targeted at kids who are likely to play a lot of mobile games. Well, the fact that this is merely a game based on a kids TV show is apparent instantly.

Considering this game is from such a prestigious company like LEGO, I feel that more care would be taken into the presentation of the game especially, and there is very bare explanation of the game’s controls and mechanics which makes playing tough. The graphics are as good as expected and follow the classic bricky LEGO style, however the level design provides little variety.

Within the game itself, there is some fun to be found within the mastery of stealth and actually becoming a good ninja, not just some half-wit jumping about trying to stab people. The upgrades are also cool and are definitely the driving force behind the game’s replayability. For me the idea of swinging around via grappling hook was enough to make me play through another level with similar gameplay.

Overall, this game is good if you are a fan of Ninjago, but as expected from a kid’s game, it is very easy and offers little variability.

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