Day 84 – Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Relive your favourite Final Fantasy moments in Final Fantasy Record Keeper! Fight with your favourite Final Fantasy heroes, battle through classicFinal Fantasy moments, restore the lost memories and save the world once again.

Final Fantasy is a franchise with so many entries, spin-offs and remakes that it is hard to keep track of the story taking place across its universe. In many ways, this mobile spin-off is a way for players to relive and inform themselves of the franchise’s narrative history. With the whole story being centered around a library of paintings which hold the past events, you are effectively a keeper charged with preserving the stories of Final Fantasy.

As I enter my first dungeon (from Final Fantasy VII), I instantly am met with recognisable creatures, heroes and objects from the series, which is great for fans of Final Fantasy. After a battle I am given heroes to join my on my quest. With this and the ability to upgrade myself and my party’s abilities, the game really does have a lot of content to play for; especially with the number of varying dungeons to battle through.

The graphics are decent, and offer a Pokémon style ‘squashed’ look at the characters. This pixelated design isn’t the best but does feel appropriate with the game’s genre in mind. The soundtrack is great and provides the epic feel that is helpful when you’re slaying hordes of enemies.

Download Final Fantasy Record Keeper:

[appbox googleplay com.dena.west.FFRK]

[appbox appstore 964320334]

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