Day 87 – Portable Soccer DX Lite

Portable Soccer DX Lite is a simple and complete 2D football action game available on Android. Can you become World Champions?

Football. The beautiful game. For once, it is actually captured in a mobile game that is equally beautiful. Upon opening the game, I was instantly excited by the loading screen. With the disappointment that is FIFA Mobile, I have been holding out for a decent football game on mobile, and despite its typically American ‘Soccer’ in the title, I felt this game might actually meet my expectations.

I was thrust straight into a game with only a control menu to guide me through the early stages. Of course I learnt how to play the game relatively quickly independently, but I found it was still incredibly difficult. The controls were extremely fiddly and often unresponsive, and this made play tough and boring due to endless thrashings. I could just be bad at the game, but it wasn’t just that, one button had 5 actions, and when it wouldn’t work, I really didn’t have any hope of success.

It is a shame that I am so against the gameplay, as there was lots of potential in the game’s features. Being able to play both portrait and landscape was something that appealed to me, and this only added to the extremely professional feel of the game. The graphics were some of the best I have ever seen in games with the retro, pixelated style, and accompanied by a funky and exotic soundtrack, this felt like it would be a truly awesome game.

Portable Soccer DX Lite

Download Portable Soccer DX Lite:

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