Get Ready For Conquest In Doomwheel

Doomwheel is an outrageously fun, endless runner game available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices. Developed by indie studio Katsu Entertainment in cooperation with Games Workshop, Doomwheel brings with it a ridiculous amount of chaos as you smash and skewer your way though obstacles and enemies.

The game starts you off with a small tutorial. It introduces players to the mechanics and upgrading possibilities. This way, your Doomwheel can be more effective in crashing and spearing your enemies. Customisation does involve in-game currency. This currency can be obtained by collecting tokens along the way as you plow through your enemies. However, your Doomwheel only has three lives that are indicated by green rats. Once these rats are gone, it’s game over. The tokens can also be used to access new areas of the map.

The game gives players the option of turning off the music and sound effects. The music doesn’t change much from the title sequence to gameplay. Listening to the same tune did get tiring after a while but it didn’t make me stop playing. I simply turned down the volume or just cut it off altogether. The sound effects don’t offer much variety either but, it doesn’t take away from the gameplay. Doomwheel also offers a strong yet simply palette that makes the art style pop and breathes color into the game world.

While playing, the most interesting thing I found about the game was its side view aspect of the game. Unlike most platformer games, Doomwheel had it where it is slanted as oppose to only a horizontal view. It took me by surprise but, once I got used to it, I can’t imagine this game any other way.

Game Description:

The Skaven underworld is a rat’s nest of deceit, danger, and backstabbing. As an up-and-coming warlock enginseer of clan Skryre, your only goal is to rise through the ranks of the ratmen by building the ultimate engine of destruction: the fastest and most powerful Doomwheel ever made! Powered by scampering rats and hallucinogenic warpstone, the Doomwheel embodies the sheer inhuman ingenuity of the Skaven race: an enormous iron-reinforced wheel, outfitted with spikes, blades, and blasting powerful bolts of lethal warp lightning as it crushes all in its path: enemies, or the least fortunate of your allies. Pilot your Doomwheel as it rattles through the battlefield at breakneck speeds in this fast-paced infinite arcade adventure. Dwarves got you down? Doomwheel. Rival clans done you wrong? Doomwheel. Goblin grief? Doomwheel. Shatter, skewer, shock and bounce foes of all shapes, sizes, and races as you claw out territory for yourself across the Old World. Develop a newer, deadlier, Doomwheel in your workshop while fending off the vengeful plots of your backstabbing rivals.

Game Features:

  • Smash through Skaven, orcs, dwarfs and more.
  • Survive schemes from rival warlords Ikit Claw, Thanquol, Thorgrim, Grimgor and more.
  • Take over the Warhammer world, one region at a time.
  • Upgrade and customise your Doomwheel.
  • One touch game-play.
  • Race to the top of the leaderboards.

Download Doomwheel:

[appbox appstore 1235156866]

[appbox googleplay com.katsu.doomwheel]

Support Katsu Entertainment:

Twitter: @KatsuGames
Facebook: /KatsuEntertainment
Instagram: @Katsu_Entertainment

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