Flood of Light:  the Rainy Day Puzzle Game

Flood of Light

Mobile gaming is awesome but certain genres are better on the platform than others.  One such genre is puzzle games.  Touch screens have contributed a lot to the popularity of puzzle games.  However, I feel some developers have become lazy because of the ease of designing puzzle games for touch screens.  One of my absolute favourite puzzle series of games is the Montezuma Puzzle games by The Oak Team.  There is currently three games in the series and I own and have beaten multiple times all three.  They’re games that I often come back to and play through because they’re genuinely fun.  However, they are super simple and not immersive in the slightest.  Which is fine, there are times where I don’t want to be immersed in a game.  I am riding the train or I am at the airport waiting for my flight.  I want to play something but I need to still stay somewhat aware of my surroundings.  Then, there are times when I want to get away and be immersed in a game world.  Flood of Light by Irisloft Studio is such a game.

Flood of Light is a puzzle game that tells a simple but beautiful story of a mysterious girl who appeared in a flooded city.  The girl is able to manipulate light and use it to activate machines that lower the water level in the city.  The game mechanics can be broken down into resource manipulation.  The resource being balls of light that are used to activate switches that either open doors or lower flood water.  The puzzles hit that sweet spot of being challenging but not overwhelming.  A few times I started to entertain looking up how to beat a certain puzzle.  However, before giving in to my frustration something would click and I was able to complete the part I was stuck on.

Flood of Light

The game’s atmosphere is dark, dreary, and haunting.  Flood of Light’s graphics are simple but striking and go a long way in building an immersive feel to the game.  However, the real star of the game is the amazing sound effects and music.  The game tells you to play with headphones and I have to agree.  This is definitely a game that deserves to be heard.  Montezuma Puzzle games I can play anywhere.  Flood of Light is the puzzle game I play alone with the headphones on.

Flood of Light

Download Flood of Light:

[appbox appstore 1121963448]

Flood of Light is coming soon to Android and Steam. For more information on Flood of Light, or Irisloft Studio, please consider visiting and liking their Facebook page

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