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ANDi Games Ltd launches their first Featured Game Packages for Mobile Game Indie Developers

Indie Developers

London, 31 March 2017: ANDi Games Ltd is launching a limited time offer on their first featured package ‘Helping Hands‘, a new service targeting the growing demand for reasonably priced, Indie friendly routes to market, for Indie Developers working with the Google Play Store.

Helping Hands is the first of four packages due to be released over the coming months. All the packages have been designed help developers reach valuable mobile players, who can test ideas, review their product and take that first step into consumer outreach, all at a reasonable price. Using ANDi, the Personal Gaming Assistant, developed by ANDi Games Ltd, the packages can target users most likely to download their game, and at a time they’ll be most receptive to it. The packages also include social media promotion, product reviews, developer interviews and if required, a landing page enabling developers to direct traffic to their game.

ANDi Games Ltd are already working alongside TIGA (the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the UK video games industry) and Ukie (the UK trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry), to help the growing number of Indie Developers, including Battle.me & London based developer Rocco Salvetti to reach new and valuable mobile gaming audiences around the world. Allowing them to continue creating and improving the games people will love and enjoy.


Ben Woolf, CEO & Co-Founder of ANDi Games Ltd had the following to say on the launch:

We are thrilled to announce that we are piloting our developer engagement bundles! The hope is to help Mobile Game developers reach users that are valued mobile players, test ideas, review their product, and take that first step into consumer outreach at a very affordable price. For us it lets our users and audience have direct communication with the developer.

Our goal at this stage is to help indie developers and smaller studios to really engage with and learn more about their players.

This limited time offer allows us to beta test our service, fine tune processes as well as offering indie developers exposure that may cost them hundreds, all for just £25!

Mobile Games distribution is changing, and simply achieving good cost per install is becoming increasingly less important compared to retention of players. We’ll facilitate creating loyal users, and helping you to learn what they want from your game.

There are over 1 million games in the Google Play Store with over 200,000 added in 2016. With over 400 new games released every day on Android, it can a daunting task for any new game developer releasing their game.

ANDi Games Ltd Featured Packages were launched in response to demand from developers struggling to maintain an influx of new users, whilst retaining existing users. ANDi Games Ltd plan to launch a series of new packages aimed at varying sizes of game development studios. These advanced packages will include analytics and AI backed A/B testing bundles; including full user journey analysis including statistics within the application, user gaming preferences, exclusive push notifications and much more over the next 12 months.

You can learn more about ANDi’s Featured Packages and sign up at https://get-andi.com/indie-developers-promo

 Note to Editors:

About ANDi Games Ltd

ANDi Games Ltd is a London based start-up with a single vision; solving the biggest problem in the mobile game industry, the issue of game discovery. ANDi wants to change the way we find, play and share games. Powered by modern Machine Learning technologies, ANDi’s features are designed to make gaming life easier. ANDi is the next level in mobile gaming – spend less time searching, more time playing.

Based in London and founded by Ben Woolf, CEO & Co-Founder, and Sam Koch; CTO & Co-Founder, in February 2016, ANDi Games Ltd is a Wayra UK 2017 Cohort. Wayra UK is part of Telefónica Open Future_, the global corporate entrepreneurship network supporting over 1,400 companies worldwide.

For more information on ANDi Games Ltd, please contact:

  • Kristian Wingfield-Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer.
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About the author

Kristian Wingfield-Bennett

Kris is the Lead Marketer at ANDi Games Ltd. Learn more about Kris and the work he does by visiting www.get-andi.com/about