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Hamid Sheikh & Hassan Ali

In our first Indie Developer spotlight feature we caught up with Luna Dark Game Studio, now this time round we are talking with Hamid Sheikh and Hassan Ali. Together they make free-to-play games for Android and iOS. Titles include the Series of Dumb Deaths and Dumb Deaths On Halloween. These indie dev brothers have nine games available to download on your iPhone or iPad and 20 for Android devices! Not bad for a team of two huh?

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Check out their games below the following Q&A.

Q&A with Hamid Sheikh

What is your current favourite game on mobile?

Clash of Clans by Supercell. It’s release created a new genre of mobile games that has gone on to influence so many mobile games that are on the app stores right now

How did you get started making indie games?

In my senior year of High School I began making small games. My brother came to me with some ideas and together we sat down to get to work. By this time I had already been experimenting and learning to program enough that I could make smaller games with some hand drawn graphics.

What are you currently working on?

Well this is something totally new for us. It’s a game about helping your characters lose weight by playing mini games. It’s already been released (links below), but we are continually updating it.

What platform(s) will this be released for?

For both Android and iOS.

Can you tell us more about it, genre, story, features etc?

We wanted to make a game that promoted general fitness in a fun way so came up with this.

What do you think are the biggest challenges today facing the mobile gaming sector?

I think the biggest challenge for most indie developers is not getting the right exposure that we need. Indie devs make great games, it’s about getting those great games noticed by more players. [Editors Note: You know, our machine learning game recommendation platform will help with that!]

If you had the opportunity to rewind the clock and/or change the past to be involved in one mobile game already released, what game would it be?

Pokemon Go! I would want to be involved because I think I could contribute to it and make adjustments to the interface that people would like.

What’s the future looking like for you after this project, are their games waiting to be started?

We have three projects in the works currently and two of them are almost finished, the third project we are going to be starting soon. You can check out our recently released game; Lose Weight – Fat Fitness, on Android and iOS, that would be great for us. It’s a very fun game with a low file size that anyone can pick up and play.

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Download for Android

[appbox googleplay com.hassanali.FatToBuff]

Download for iOS

[appbox appstore 1170899153?mt=8]

Check out all the games from these two indie devs below and let us know what you think of them in the comments section below!

[appbox appstore 1167602713?mt=8] [appbox appstore 796194642?mt=8] [appbox appstore 1028610747?mt=8] [appbox appstore 1031333182?mt=8] [appbox appstore 1031105510?mt=8] [appbox appstore 927623313?mt=8] [appbox appstore 1167599045?mt=8] [appbox appstore 1167602724?mt=8]

[appbox googleplay com.sheikhgames.chibiwizards] [appbox googleplay com.sheikhgames.SoDDHalf] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.superjumpadventure] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.balloontapper] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.cookiesidlegame] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.fingerzen] [appbox googleplay com.sheikhgames.wthmaths] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.toilettrouble] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.cookingrush] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.EasterDumbDeaths] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.PizzaMake] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.ClickCraft] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.retrogames8in1] [appbox googleplay com.sheikhgames.DumbMiniGameDeaths] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.sodd4] [appbox googleplay com.hassanhamid.sodd2] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.sodd3] [appbox googleplay com.hassanhamid.SeriesOfDumbDeaths] [appbox googleplay com.hassanali.HalloweenSeriesDumbDeaths]

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