Onirim: A Casual Dream of a Game

For many, the mobile gaming scene is viewed as the home for casual gamers.  This may be true for a vast swath of humanity.  Mobile gaming owns the casual gaming space more so than even the Wii ever did.  Not to say that great engrossing games are not available on mobile platforms.  It is just that mobile systems excel at providing great casual gaming experiences.  Onirim is one of those great casual experiences.


I am a sucker for card games.  I grew up playing Magic the Gathering with my friends.  I currently enjoy playing Android:  Netrunner with my brother.  I’ve even been known to play a good game of Spades and Texas Hold ‘Em.  As far as electronic versions of card games go, I’ve played the classics Free Cell and Solitaire.  I loved Culdcept on the PS2, Spectromancer on Steam, and I’ve got Hearthstone on both phone and tablet.  Mobile gaming is full of both great and not so great card games.  Onirim will never replace Hearthstone as a competitive strategic card game.  It lacks the depth and variety of game play.  However, Onirim was never meant to compete with that type of card game.  Onirim has more in common with Solitaire then Hearthstone.

Onirim is a single player experience where the player is attempting to escape a labyrinth.  To escape you must collect eight keys.  You collect keys by creating runs of three cards of the same color.  There are ten trap cards that consists of nightmares.  Drawing a nightmare card forces the player to either discard a special key card of any color, an unlocked door card, the cards in your hand or five cards from your deck.

Onirim Gallery


I found Onirim to be a great casual game.  You can play through a full game in five minutes.  Which, with my two-year-old is about all the game time I have most days.  Sound and graphics will not win any awards but that isn’t why you play these casual games.  I believe that most casual games live and die based on gameplay.  Onirim knows that it is a casual game.  Its graphics and sound combine with smooth and simple gameplay to provide players an enjoyable experience.

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Michael Blackburn

Michael enjoys writing, reading and of course playing games. A father of four he understands the balancing act that many gaming parents and adults face. Fortunately, for us we live in a wondrous age where a massive library of great games can be found on our phones!