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Picture Perfect Crossword

Picture Perfect Crossword is a word, puzzle game developed and published by AppyNation Ltd based in the UK in collaboration with industry veterans, Supersonic Software. There are some in-app purchases.

Picture Perfect Crossword

The objective is simple. Solve the puzzle to earn coins. Each clue is given to you as a picture with a specific theme in mind. This makes it easier when trying to decode the crossword puzzle. If this isn’t enough, the game offers in game help when you get stump. I found this feature very useful because there were some words (I’m thinking baby animal names) that I hadn’t used before. But of course, it isn’t so easy. The hints come with a price. With 50 coins, you come closer to solving the puzzle. In case you do run out of coins, more coins can be bought, given with a share on social media or gained by clearing puzzles.

Once the ‘chapter’ has been cleared, the next level opens with different themes and pictures to solve but a word of caution. Puzzles must be unlocked by tokens and these can also be gained by clearing puzzles, buying them and/or sharing on social media.

While the puzzles and levels can be replayed, I don’t think it is worth it. There are no rewards given for replaying levels and it’s easier to clear these puzzles. There’s not much of a challenge anymore. One of the things I found useful was that you can always resume a crossword puzzle.  Any help bought is still in effect when you return to the game so your coins aren’t wasted.

The only issue that I found was that some pictures are very vague. On some, the word corresponding to the picture is a bit of a stretch. This just might be me but I’ll let you guys decide that.

Download Picture Perfect Crossword

[appbox googleplay com.appynation.ppcw]

[appbox appstore 1139724189]

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