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Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs & Dungeons is a dungeon crawler that definitely does not take itself too seriously.  The game is free to play on both Android and iOS and uses micro transactions (more on that later) to generate its revenue.  The developer behindGumballs & Dungeons is QC Play Limited who have been actively developing games for mobile platforms since May of 2014 and are headquartered in Hong Kong.

Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs & Dungeons is all about dungeon grinding.  So, if that isn’t your cup of tea then look elsewhere.  If you aren’t scared of the grind than Gumballs & Dungeons has a lot to offer you because the game is BIG!  There is a lot of content to grind out and QC Play are still actively updating and expanding the game.  The latest update was put out earlier this month.

The game starts out with an action comic.  The comic art style “borrows” a lot from Akira Toriyama’s art for the Dragon Quest series.  In fact, the gumballs are pretty much renamed slimes from the Dragon Quest games.  Toriyama isn’t the only one from whom QC Play “borrowed”.  Throughout the game, you’ll see other pop culture references and Disney character art.  “Borrowed” art aside, the game is pleasant to look at with bright colours and graphics that don’t require the latest and greatest in hardware to enjoy.

You start the game with a single blue slime gumball.  Before you can get on with the dungeon crawling you must first build up your base of operations otherwise known as the Alchemy Lab.  I’ll admit I cut my gaming teeth on JRPGs.  So, I am not grind adverse but the hell they put you through to get your base of operations up and running was borderline mean-spirited.  Fortunately, your time in purgatory is short lived (it just might not feel that way when you are clicking on a single gold coin here and there as you try and get enough gold to upgrade).

Once your base of operations is up and running you are now in business to go off and plunder the dungeons.  Despite “Dungeon” in the title of the game, the game refers to the dungeons as mazes.  Each location has a series of mazes to explore with an overriding theme.  Your first location has an animal/insect theme where all the enemies are some kind of beast.  Another location may have an elemental theme or an undead theme, etc.  To unlock new locations, you have to complete a certain number of mazes at the existing location.  As you progress through the mazes and locations you’ll unlock new gumballs and upgrades for your Alchemy Lab and gumballs.  This is the spirit of the game, continually unlocking new stuff so you can grind through more mazes and unlock more stuff.  It’s a grinder and it doesn’t apologise for being what it is.  If you’re okay with that you’ll find a lot to enjoy here because as far as dungeon grinding goes Gumballs & Dungeons does it quite well.

I said we’d discuss micro transactions earlier and so we shall.  As much as we love free stuff.  Developers often times put a lot of time and energy into their products and they need to make something off of their products.  Otherwise, they have to move onto other ventures because of little things like food and rent.  As far as micro transactions go, Gumballs & Dungeons isn’t bad.  I spent .99 cents to just show my support for their product.  Other than that, I haven’t spent anything else to play the game.  My lack of financial investment into the game hasn’t affected my enjoyment at all.  Granted, I am not grinding out the higher-level content yet and that may change my opinion on the “fairness” of Gumballs & Dungeons’s in app purchases.

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