Tubocity is an endless runner, mobile game developed by Whitepot Studios, a game developer based in Northern Ireland, out now for iOS and Android. There are some in-app purchases.


Jump and swipe your way past obstacles in this fast paced, reflex-testing game. It’s all about timing. There is no penalty for crashing and you have infinite number of tries. With each retry, the game obstacles change so you never know what the next run is going to be like. Players are forced to adapt and, for me, that what’s made it so enjoyable to play. There is no real objective. Just try to be better and perhaps you can land on the scoreboard.

The game comes with a very helpful tutorial and controls that you can customize to your liking. While there isn’t full customization, it’s enough to make the game easier but still challenging.

During gameplay, I found two issues for the game. The first is that the game drained my phone battery rather quickly. It wasn’t enough to be a nuisance but it was a bit off putting. Lastly, there is an option to tap the menu in order to jump as oppose to swiping. When I tried this option, the response for the tap was slow. Granted, I could have not tapped it correctly or hard enough but it posed a bit of a problem.

Download Tubocity

[appbox googleplay com.whitepotstudios.Tubocity]

[appbox appstore 1240327555]

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